Blazing a trail in Baltimore

UT Grad Adrienne Roberson is Orioles first female PA announcer
Published: May. 4, 2021 at 9:28 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - She’s one of a handful, four to be exact, of female Public Address announcers in the Major League’s and the first in the history of the Baltimore Orioles organization, ”From the outside looking in and the inside looking out, it is the coolest job! I love doing it everyday and the experience of doing it but yes, getting to watch the game, you’re narrating the game, but you get to enjoy the game,” says Roberson.

Adrienne got her start with the Smokies back in 1996, first as a hostess and then as an announcer, doing all the games in 1997. As for advice that Adrienne would give to young ladies wanting to follow in her footsteps she says, ”My biggest thing is make sure you love to read, read a lot, read everyday. Even when you’re driving in your car, read street signs, read out loud don’t be afraid to speak out loud if you’re reading. Take the broadcasting classes, take the English classes and my biggest thing is get your foot in the door, It might not be the job you want to do but whether it’s camera , whether it’s usher I don’t care what it is, get your foot in the door.”

Yes, Adrienne’s paid her dues, but she says it’s nice to women making a difference in a historically male driven sport,”We want to be in it just as much as everybody else but if you take out that female part, experience and talent , if you have it and show up it’ll be there. When I was at the Knoxville Smokies back in ’97 I was the first female then and they weren’t quite ready.Yeah, I’m excited for the future for women.”

Roberson graduated from UT Knoxville in August 97. She finished up the season and moved for her first job at KCDZ in California as a DJ, while she also covered local sports.

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