Fourth of July weekend travel breaks AAA records

Fourth of July weekend travel breaks AAA records
Fourth of July weekend travel breaks AAA records
Published: Jul. 4, 2021 at 11:17 PM EDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - After dealing with more than a year of restricted travel due to COVID-19, AAA estimated a record-high 43.6 million Americans hit the road for the Fourth of July weekend.

“It does seem like there’s more people on the roads,” Fourth of July traveler Lisa Brown said. “I think people are just ready to get out and enjoy being out and about.”

Some traveled a good distance.

“I’m actually headed to Louisiana to hang out with some family that came from Orlando, Florida,” weekend traveler Tonya Anderson said.

Others drove just a few miles.

“We’re going out to my sister’s house in Brandon,” Brown said. “We’re going to cook out – hamburgers, hot dogs. Maybe watch some fireworks later.”

“My family is having a little barbecue, a little kickback with just a whole bunch of people coming together and enjoying ourselves,” holiday traveler Stephen Nolden said.

According to AAA, this weekend travel comes despite the national average for gas reaching its highest point since 2014.

Even with the increase, Mississippi has the least expensive gas in the country - averaging $2.75 per gallon.

When asked, most people told WLBT they haven’t noticed higher prices.

“They seem pretty normal to me,” Nolden said. “Once they go to 4 or 5 dollars, then that’s crazy.”

Others said they have noticed, but they have no other choice but to fill up if they want to travel.

“You know, you got to have it, so there isn’t much you can really do about it,” weekend traveler Tederick Bonner said.

Some said they’ve found their own ways to save money at the pump.

“Being here at Kroger, I just got fifty cents off of mine, so that was really nice today,” Brown said.

Even though road trips dominated Fourth of July travel this year, AAA said another 3.5 million people flew this weekend, putting air travel volumes at 90% of pre-pandemic levels.

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