Sleep crucial for students finding balance

Everyone needs a work-life balance, even your children. Having your kids establish a back to school routine is essential.
Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 7:18 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Everyone needs a work-life balance, even your children. Having your kids establish a back-to-school routine is essential.

“Scheduling is really important. Even at any age, it helps overall with your mental health, you know what to expect, you know what’s coming up, you know when you’re going to have breaks. And it also gives you a good snapshot of what you need to mentally prepare for the next day,” said Catherine Hallam, a mental health counselor.

Hallam recommended kids choose a couple of extracurriculars but not an overloaded schedule.

If your children thrive on having lots to do, take the weekends off to re-charge.

“Some people can go 100 miles a minute and some people need to take more breaks throughout their day, so it’s really important to know your child.”

Hallam said sometimes the pandemic changes people.

“Also looking at the fact that we’re still in a global pandemic. So if your child two years ago wanted to go 100 miles a minute, now this year they’re like hey I just want to take a break allowing them to know themselves and advocate for themselves is a hugely important component.”

Turn to the dinner table to talk with your kids about extracurricular involvement.

“A really cool thing is maybe you can learn with your child. So if it’s chess, you both could practice at home together at night.”

Also, work on finding a healthy sleep schedule.

“It’s hugely important for everybody. But emotional regulation for daily functioning, living, memory retention all is housed in the fact of how much sleep we get.”

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends nine to 12 hours of sleep for kids six to 12 years old.

Teens 13 to 18 should get eight to 10 hours of sleep each night.

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