Family recipe in use to kick-off 2021 UT tailgate season

Parker Frost used his mom’s BBQ recipe to smoke more than 70 pounds of meat.
Published: Sep. 3, 2021 at 12:35 AM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The 2021 college football season is upon us, and that means tailgate season has returned.

After a season off due to COVID 19, fans are ready to jump back into their tailgating traditions.

“This is all that’s important tonight. Thursday night in Knoxville this is it,” said Parker Frost, who has tailgated in Tailgate Tennessee for almost a decade.

Frost has cooked a wide range of food items across that decade, that you might not expect.

“Like the last 8 o’clock game which was several years ago, I cook 80 pounds of ribeye, had cheese sauce shipped in from Luke’s in Philadelphia, made Philly cheesesteaks,” said Frost, “All these people think they know how to tailgate, but they get their stuff catered, we cook all our own food, we do it on a whole other level.”

For this year’s kick-off, Frost invited his friends and smoked 70 pounds of chicken, all marinated in his mom’s bbq recipe.

“I smoked 70 pounds of chicken last night made my mama’s homemade barbecue sauce,” said Frost. “Ketchup based. People are trying to buy it, they want a bottle of it, it’s a family recipe ain’t gonna get it out.”

While down in recent years, Frost said no matter what, he is here to root on the Vols.

“We haven’t been good, I mean nobody’s gonna deny that, but you gotta support the team,” said Frost. “We have a new coach we have a new regime.”

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