A Knoxville woman is providing student athletes with ‘Goods 4 Greatness’

Rhiannon Potkey is hoping to raise $50,000 through her non-profit to help Title I school programs in the Knoxville area get new equipment so they can play sports.
Published: Sep. 7, 2021 at 11:14 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -Rhiannon Potkey has a passion of helping children enjoy the fun of sports.

“It’s really unexplainable. It’s the best thing that has ever been done in my life to be honest,” shared Potkey.

In order to be able to encourage young athletes to get in the game, she launched a non-profit called Goods 4 Greatness. The mission of the non-profit is to assist families who can’t afford to have their kids participate in sports.

The group has already been active in our area, helping get equipment to kids at Austin-East, Lonsdale Elementary, the YWCA and more. They are community oriented and fundraising right now to help continue making a difference in our community.

“I speak with a lot of moms here who say ‘it’s either we pay for food or we pay for his new cleats, we can’t do both.’ So if I can alleviate that new cleats thing and he can play sports, who knows what happens. There’s probably so many kids that we don’t know that could’ve gone on to become successful athletes and successful people through sports,” said Potkey.

Goods 4 Greatness has helped several schools in Tennessee and in surrounding states.

Caitlin Seidler, a girls soccer coach for Fulton High School, said if it wasn’t for Goods 4 Greatness, some of her girls wouldn’t be able to be on the team.

“Goods 4 Greatness donated socks, shorts, cleats, and shin guards for our players and it was really helpful for us because a lot of the girls on the team are new to soccer and they needed all new equipment, and it enabled some of them to join the team,” shared Seidler.

Hoping to be able to continue providing the love of sports to children for free, Potkey is launching a fundraiser called #4OurCity, giving back directly to student athletes in the Knoxville community.

“We’re trying to raise 50,000 dollars to pay some of their playing fees, entry fees, so none of those kids are priced out of sports,” said Potkey.

Below are ways you can help donate.

Ways To Donate:

You can collect the money on your own and then do a lump sum donation to Goods4Greatness. Or, direct individual donors can donate the money via:

For tax purposes/write-offs: EIN #82-5458203

If any businesses or donors have questions, you can call Rhiannon Potkey. Her phone/email is: 805-910-9341, or

To keep up with Goods 4 Greatness you can like and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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