With days to live, Knoxville shelter dog fulfills bucket list

Steak dinners, becoming a police K-9, even enjoying a spa day, a Knoxville dog with just days to live is fulfilling a bucket list.
LaLa's Bucket List
Published: Oct. 8, 2021 at 5:01 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - An East Tennessee woman is filling a foster dog’s final days with fun and loving experiences.

Lala was diagnosed with cancer and only has days left to live, according to her foster mom, Donna Gomes.

She was put in the shelter after she was discovered alone on a piece of property that had sold.

“I understand she was found abandoned at a house someone moved out of,” said Gomes. “So we don’t know what her past was, but I think for her, for me, I just want to make sure that she has a legacy to her life.”

Shortly after Gomes started fostering LaLa, she decided to create a bucket list to make the dog’s final days of life really count.

LaLa has been checking experiences off of her bucket list, including shopping, eating a steak dinner, relaxing during a spa day and even becoming a Knox County K-9.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office thanked its K-9 unit for making LaLa’s bucket list item a reality.

“It was an honor making LaLa an honorary K-9 Officer for the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. We appreciate the tough work that Young Williams Animal Center and Foster families- such as LaLa’s do to make the lives of these animals the very best. A special thank you to our entire K-9 Unit for taking the time this week to make this a reality for LaLa!” said Sheriff, Tom Spangler.

During her time as an officer, LaLa finished an obstacle course and rode in a cruiser.

“She actually didn’t want to come out of the cruiser afterward and I said she didn’t want to give up the badge,” Gomes said.

LaLa’s final bucket list item is a picnic. Gomes said she hopes to have it complete very soon.

Young-Williams Animal Center expressed love for LaLa in a recent social media post.

“Lala, we have happy tears in our eyes knowing the generous love you will experience in your final days. We give a heartfelt thank you to her foster family for giving Lala all the love she could ever hope to receive,” the post read.

You can help animals just like Lala by contacting the YWAC foster department and becoming a “fospice” parent, or by making a donation to support the center’s mission. If you want to see LaLa’s full bucket list, go to the shelter’s blog.

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