A season for giving thanks

Tennessee football forges ahead under Josh Heupel
A Season for Giving Thanks
Published: Dec. 26, 2021 at 11:24 AM EST
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Well, there’s no question. It’s been quite the year for Tennessee Football. Coming off a 3-7 season, allegations of wrongdoing by the program, and the bringing in of a new head coach and staff, it sounded like the recipe for a down year, but it was anything but down as the Vols picked up the pace both off and on the field of play.

”I didn’t know what was going to happen honestly. You know, I just took a leap of faith. You know, I came here for a reason. And I was able to stick it out. You know, I prayed about it, talk about it to my family and like this truly blessed you know, to have a coach like Coach Heupel to come in to turn this thing around with a positive mindset, everything he told us from the beginning, he lived up to it and that’s what I can really respect about Coach. It was all about buying in. And I feel like that’s what the team did. Velus Jones would certainly benefit from Josh Heupel’s offense…He and his teammates would also benefit from a new culture brought in by the head coach,” said senior wide receiver Velus Jones.

Before heading out to the Bowl site, fellow wideout Cedric Tillman added, ”Me and my teammates I’ve been through a lot and not a lot of people thought, you know, we were gonna be Bowl eligible this year, so we was able to block out the noise and kind of just go to work.

”The Vols received an early Christmas present in the form of a 7-5 record and Bowl berth, but that’s next week. This weekend it’s all about family and giving thanks, said Head Coach Josh Heupel, ”Merry Christmas to absolutely everybody involved - nation, fans, players, the staff here on campus. Just last month has been absolutely fantastic for myself and my family, and we’re so blessed to be here and just appreciate everything that you guys have done and wish you a merry Christmas.

Following his teams’ final practice in Knoxville, coach Heupel was asked if he’s ever received a Christmas gift that he would deem his favorite. In which, the head coach responded, “Probably a set of lockers when I was like five years old, you know, and felt like my bedroom and turned into a locker room. I thought that was pretty cool. Purple gold, big Vikings fan back in the day. You know? So for excited about that.”

The Vols resumed Bowl practice Sunday morning at Vanderbilt University in Nashville after the Christmas break. It all leads up to the Transperfect Music City Bowl on Thursday. Your All Vol Station will have your coverage from the Music City all week long.

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