Drizzly Saturday with snow, sleet, rain falling on First Alert Sunday

Meteorologist Ben Cathey tracks slushy melty snow for much of Sunday. Sticking gets underway after dinner.
Published: Jan. 14, 2022 at 5:09 PM EST|Updated: Jan. 14, 2022 at 10:38 PM EST
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Impacts on the roads are minimal Saturday as cold rain moves in. The WVLT First Alert Weather Day is here Sunday for all of us.

Regional travel within several hundred miles will be affected by this large winter storm. Some see moderate snow (Plateau and Smokies) while others see a constant wintry mix mess of rain, snow, and sleet.

We have much colder air into the holiday on Monday.


Friday night is the proverbial calm before the storm. We are all dry and most are mild. Saturday morning could actually start with a little bit of sunshine. It’s a noticeably cooler day at 45 degrees. Rainfall is back for the evening and overnight on Saturday. This is not too slippery, however.

The First Alert Weather Day begins very early Sunday morning. Now, the temperatures are still well above freezing across the entire region. There could be some brief sticking of snow on the Cumberland Plateau, but much of that will melt off later in the day. Sticking will begin early Sunday only in the Smoky Mountains.

Throughout the day in the Tennessee River Valley temperatures will be a couple degrees above freezing. We will have a near constant slushy mess of sleet, rain, and melty snow.

Made my our WVLT team of meteorologists
Made my our WVLT team of meteorologists(WVLT)

Cold air returns to the storm later Sunday - so sticking will begin for many after dusk Sunday night.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: do not wake up Sunday expecting a winter wonderland of sticking snow. Snow will not stick for most until later in the evening, largely after dark.

The best way to see your town’s snow totals is to consult the map below.

Made my our WVLT team of meteorologists
Made my our WVLT team of meteorologists(WVLT)

If you’re wondering whether to travel Sunday, traffic is likely to be slowed off and on. This is all dependent on how comfortable you feel driving in snow and sleet.

Note: the freezing rain threat is relatively small. It’s certainly much much lower than the piedmonts of the Carolina’s.

As we wrote above, snow will begin to stick and roads may become slippery late Sunday night. Expect higher impacts to driving west and east of our region.


Martin Luther King Junior Day (Monday) will be very chilly. You can expect temperatures near freezing or below for much of the parade route. We are drying out though, after early morning snowfall in the Smoky Mountains. Through the mountain passes going north east or west of the valley, you can expect to see some level of light to moderate driving impact.

Sunglass is the bigger issue later Monday and throughout the day on Tuesday. We will be really chilly Tuesday morning with some in the teens. Wednesday afternoon evening and overnight bring some pockets of heavy rainfall. This is the second front of the week. That cold blast drops his back to the teens Friday and Saturday morning of next week.

Join us on the WVLT First Alert Weather app for iPhone or Android, so you can stay informed on the go and in between newscasts. We share custom videos there for you, plus you can receive messages on the latest conditions and forecast.

WVLT Forecast
WVLT Forecast(WVLT)

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