First quintuplets ever born in Tennessee celebrating their 18th birthday

Willem, Sean, Isabella, Ashley, and Meghan van Tol share a birthday on January 14th.
Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 10:27 PM EST
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The van Tol quintuplets were the first quintuplets to ever be born in Tennessee. The five Farragut High School seniors are almost adults. Willem, Sean, Isabella, Ashley, and Meghan van Tol are typical teenagers juggling sports, jobs, and fighting over who gets to use the car. They share three cars between the five of them.

The van Tol Quintuplets were born in Knoxville on Jan. 14, 2004 at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center. Shannon van Tol gave birth on the 33rd week of her pregnancy. The quintuplets were transported to the NICU at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

“The doctors were trying to not get her to have all 5 of us because of what could happen, but she says there was a lot of faith going into it and she so put her faith into it an it all came out okay,” said Willem.

They are making plans to splinter off for college either going to The University of Tennessee or Sanford University. They said their sibling bond will continue to be strong, even at a distance.

“I know that if any of them called me, I’d pick up. I know they’d do the same to me,” said Sean.

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