East Tennessee prepares for weekend winter weather

Snow and sleet is expected in this weekend’s forecast.
Published: Jan. 14, 2022 at 9:12 PM EST|Updated: Jan. 15, 2022 at 4:12 PM EST
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Multiple agencies in the East Tennessee region are already preparing for the winter weather expected Sunday afternoon into the evening.

Snow impacts Saturday into Sunday evening.
Snow impacts Saturday into Sunday evening.(WVLT)

TDOT has pre-treated roads north of I-40 as of Friday. Forecasted rain in the area has delayed the pre-treatment of roads before the snow is expected to come.

TDOT officials offered advice to drivers who plan to be on the roads this weekend.

Community Relations Officer, Mark Nagi, said, “Make sure your car is in proper working order. Make sure you’ve got a full tank of gas just in case you get significant backups somewhere that you can keep the heat running in your car.”

The NHTSA said it’s good to check the tire pressure on your car and check your tires’ tread.

“It may take a little longer to bring your car to a stop if necessary,” Nagi said.

The best way to stay safe on winter weather days, according to Nagi, is to stay off the roads altogether. This allows TDOT to go on the roads and make sure they’re clear for people the following days.

Knox Co. officials said they’ve already put out 40,000 gallons of brine on primary and secondary roads in the county. They’ll also be getting crews out Sunday afternoon and rotating new crews in at 10 pm Sunday.

Sevier County Electric company officials are prepping for this weekend’s weather, following over 30,000 outages as a result. It took almost a week for all of those to be restored; therefore, outage crews hope they can prepare better this time.

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