New FDA-approved eye drops help with age-related blurry vision

Published: Feb. 22, 2022 at 11:54 AM EST
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NASHVILLE (WSMV/Gray News) – As many people get older, reading small text becomes harder and harder to read.

Instead of grabbing a pair of readers, the FDA recently approved Vuity eye drops that can treat age-related blurry vision.

This product is the first FDA-approved eye drops to treat this issue.

Rebekah Kalchuk enjoys reading, but she struggled to keep up with her readers.

“Some in my car, some in my office, some in my bedroom, some in my purse,” Kalchuk told WSMV.

During a recent checkup, Dr. Jeff Horn told Kalchuk about a different option.

“Most people in their 40s will start noticing they can’t see as well up close. I got to hold things further out. My arms aren’t long enough. We call it short arm syndrome,” Horn said.

Horn said Vuity eye drops make the pupils smaller so it increases the depth, allowing people to see things better up close.

He says it takes the eye drops about 15 minutes to work. Then, your close-up vision will improve, making things clearer for six hours.

There are, however, some side effects

“It might make things look a little dimmer,” Horn said. “The pupils are smaller, so less light is getting into it. I personally found it to be not a major issue.”

Kalchuk agrees and uses the drops as a tool anytime she needs to see up close.

“It actually feels like a time saver for me,” she said. “The time I would spend taking off and putting on my readers just during the normal day if I calculated that it would be a lot of time wasted.”

If you’re interested in Vuity, you’ll need a prescription. It’s also worth noting that right now, it’s unlikely covered by insurance.

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