Murfreesboro family anxiously awaits to welcome their adopted son from Ukraine home

Russian tensions in Ukraine has played a major problem in the adoption
Published: Mar. 4, 2022 at 11:43 PM EST
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MURFREESBORO, TN (WSMV) – A family in Murfreesboro prepares to adopt a child from Ukraine Friday.

It is total uncertainty for one Murfreesboro family who was all set to adopt a child in Ukraine. The child spent several summers here in Middle Tennessee. Russia’s invasion threw the family’s adoption plans up in the air. The family said the situation is challenging, but they are pushing forward and staying positive. The family said they have been praying for the child and have faith he will make it home to them.

Since August, Ashley and Jeremy Benson have been bringing the child, they are trying to adopt home to Murfreesboro. “We have been in a hustle, and the hustle changed a week ago,” Ashley said.

The 15-year-old is in Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion. “I feel like I wake up in the morning in a panic,” Ashley said. “That wasn’t a dream. This is happening.”

The child first came here on an exchange program a couple of summers ago and met Benson’s son, Iver, at church. “He hung out all summer with me and my big friend group,” Iver said. “He is one of the boys.”

The two stayed in touch through social media, but they haven’t talked in more than a month as the country is under attack. The Bensons said the child is at an orphanage in the southern central part of Ukraine. While the family said it is rumored that the orphanage has been evacuated, they aren’t exactly sure where he is or how he is doing. They said they aren’t getting information from the Ukrainian government. “You know where your kids are at all times,” Jeremy said.

This is different. This is nerve-wracking.”

The Bensons said they hope the U.S. government steps in and allows kids already in the adoption process to come to the U.S. and finish out the process here. “I am hoping this brings him back a lot sooner than it would have, but it is fair to say we don’t know,” Ashley and Jeremy said.”

The Bensons said the child ages out of the foster system in Ukraine in just a few months and are working around the clock to bring him home. “He is just going through something unimaginable,” Ashley said.

The Bensons encourage people to reach out to their congressional leaders about the issue.

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