Lebanon radio station tunes broadcast to Ukraine and Russia

Published: Mar. 24, 2022 at 8:15 PM EDT
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LEBANON, Tenn. (WSMV) - Right now, the people of Ukraine need positive messages. One Lebanon family found a way to give them that with what they do best – a radio broadcast.

We all know there’s AM and FM radio, but there’s also shortwave radio. It’s listened to on a small device the size of a phone. While it may not be common in the U.S., radio personalities said it’s how people in Europe listen to radio continents away.

From the comfort of his home, Ted Randall brought comfort to those who need it most.

“We are broadcasting to the Ukraine and Russia,” Randall explained. “We are playing American rock and roll because our email responses have been saying, ‘please, no news, we are tired of hearing the news.’”

Randall, along with his wife, Holly, reached thousands of listeners overseas with shortwave radio.

“These people are listening in bunkers. They are listening in shelters, and those little radios, that’s the type of radio they are listening on,” Randall explained.

The 100,000-watt transmitter sits in a warehouse 25 minutes from their home and is the way they reach Ukraine and Russia.

“The most important thing we are doing, I think, is we have this phone number,” Randall explained.

He said that’s how people around the world are able to leave a message for Ukrainians.

“And we play these things frequently,” Randall said. “And some of the messages that the folks here in the United States leave are wonderful heartwarming messages.”

Inside Ted and Holly’s home, they are the voice those without a home lean on.

“It’s humbling,” Randall said. “I just hate what these people are going through, and there’s just no good reason. I’m sorry. If we can touch lives through radio, then that’s our responsibility.”

To call WTWW and leave a message for those in Ukraine, call 833-390-5085.

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