Ky. experts weigh in on rising costs of food

Food prices still high in the Lexington area, Ky. Retail Federation weighs in
Published: Apr. 8, 2022 at 5:39 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - If you’re heading to the grocery store, you may be spending more out of pocket.

“Prices are a little elevated, which sucks. Even just this cart was well over $100 and it’s not that much stuff,” shopper Mikey Ransdell said.

Retail experts say food prices are up, with a number of issues causing the trend. For one, grocery stores are having a problem getting the food on the shelves.

“It just shown some issues that we had with truck driving shortages,” said Steve McClain with the Kentucky Retail Federation.

McClain said the rise in gas prices has also made transporting food more expensive. He said the cost of raw materials like plastic and metal used to package food has gone up too.

“As it costs more to produce items, it’s going to cost more to purchase them,” said Carol Chavez, a professor of supply chain management at the University of Kentucky.

And some consumers are shocked by the lack of basic staples.

“I have noticed that milk and eggs are in short supply,” shopper Larry Sims said.

McClain said the avian flu in the Midwest is driving up the price of poultry and eggs. Experts say the food prices won’t go down anytime soon, which is causing some families to worry.

“Healthy food is already expensive, now with the prices being more elevated it’s even more expensive, which is going to lead to more people going the unhealthy way,” Ransdell said.

Despite the rise in prices, experts say there is a way you can save money.

“Whenever you can, purchase local,” Chavez said.

“Shop sales, look at what they do have on sales. Look at different cuts of meat that may be cheaper,” McClain said.

Experts recommend using coupons and buying store brand items.

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