Grocery sales tax suspension soon to take effect

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Published: Apr. 29, 2022 at 8:34 PM EDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - Shoppers will soon pay less at the grocery store thanks to a new bill that passed along with Governor Bill Lee’s budget this week.

Governor Lee announced the passing of his 2022 budget, which includes a 30-day suspension on grocery sales tax.

After months of struggle through rising grocery prices, shoppers told News4 that a 30-day break from sales taxes at the store would be huge, but some say 30 days is not enough.

“Today, I spent about $130 after savings,” Shopper Kierra Calhoon said.

Almost double the price Kierra Calhoon said she used to pay for the same amount of groceries last year. Calhoon is not alone. Adrena Patton said she’s paying more for everything.

“Things are going up, but salaries aren’t,” Patton said.

Governor Bill Lee proposes a 30-day suspension of all grocery taxes to give shoppers some relief at the register.

“I think this will be very beneficial to everyone, especially people who don’t make as much money from their jobs. It definitely would help them save a little bit for other things they might need,” Calhoon said.

On April 29th, that proposal included in governor lee’s 2022 budget passed, but shoppers like Patton said 30 days is ridiculous.

“30 days is just not enough time, in my opinion,” Patton said.

Some shoppers say they’ve lost thousands of dollars and 30 days without sales tax barely scrapes the surface.

Calhoon said the suspension is coming a bit late.

" I think that if this was sent earlier throughout the year, it could have been beneficial for college students who are also working and trying to save up to pay for tuition; they could’ve had some type of way of saving as well,” Calhoon said.

Although shoppers say officials should do more, they’ll take what they can get for now.

Governor Lee’s budget shows that the 30-day is set to effect this August.

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