Woman arrested for DUI with child in car, assaulting officer

A Knoxville woman is facing DUI and assault charges after an incident on Tuesday afternoon.
Ashley Rogers
Ashley Rogers(Knoxville Police Department)
Published: May. 5, 2022 at 12:03 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - A Knoxville woman was arrested and is facing DUI and assault charges after an incident on Tuesday afternoon.

At approximately 6:05 p.m. officers responded to a domestic disturbance at a home on Neubert Road. Officers spoke with the complainant before arriving on scene who told officers his ‘baby momma’, later identified as Ashley Rogers, arrived at his home highly intoxicated with her 2-year-old child in the backseat. The complainant was not home at the time.

Officers spoke to Rogers daughter, who was inside the home at the time who told officers Rogers had called saying she was bringing food over. The victim told Rogers she needed to call the homeowner to get permission to go inside the home. Rogers then told her daughter she did not have to do anything because her daughter was her child and “she came out of her”, according to the police report.

Rogers parked her car at a nearby home and walked to the home her daughter was at and began to argue and cuss at her daughter, according to the police report. Rogers then pulled off her sandal and threw it at her daughter, hitting her in the shoulder. Another witness, who was with the daughter in the home, called the homeowner to ask what to do. He told them to stay calm and be nice to Rodgers in order to de-escalate the situation.

While the witness was on the phone with the homeowner, all three women were sitting on the bed. Rogers then told the witness she and her should “hump” and then grabbed her by the arm, pinned her to the bed, and sucked on the right side of her neck causing a hickey to form, according to the police report.

Both the daughter and the other woman noticed a strong alcohol odor coming from her breath. The homeowner called police and Rogers left the home and went to her car down the road.

Officers arrived at the residence where Rogers’ car was parked. Rogers was sitting in the drivers sear with the keys in the ignition and the child in the backseat.

Officers smelled strong alcohol odor coming from Rogers. Officers tried to place handcuffs on Rogers, but then she pulled away. Officers were able to handcuff her and place her in the car. While entering the car, Rogers kicked the officer in the right arm.

Rogers told officers she had been drinking prior to driving to the house. The 2-year-old was released to the father and a DCS referral was made.

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