Three kids kidnapped after father helps suspect in a car crash

Three kids kidnapped after father helps suspect in a car crash that was driving a stolen vehicle.
Three kids kidnapped after father helps suspect in a car crash that was driving a stolen vehicle.(Shelby County)
Published: Sep. 2, 2022 at 11:30 PM EDT
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The old saying goes: “crime doesn’t pay.” Being a Good Samaritan Friday evening didn’t pay either for a Memphis father. His car, with his three children inside, was stolen by a crash victim he had pulled over to assist.

And despite the trauma he endured, the devoted dad, Bryon, tells Action News 5 that he will not let the city’s crime or its criminals stop him from trying to be of service to others in need.

“I stopped to help and almost lost everything,” he told Action News 5, “we have to stay closer because everything can be gone in the blink of an eye.”

Bryon’s “everything” is 2-year-old Brandon, 4-year-old Chloe, and 6-year-old Olivia. His precious children are safe after becoming the latest victims of the car theft epidemic in Memphis.

“I got carjacked. I stopped to help, and I got carjacked,” Bryon said, “and I’m going to pray because God was on my side.” Bryon said he pulled over to help the folks involved in a crash in the 4000 block of Graceland Drive in Whitehaven. The driver of a white KIA, which Memphis Police confirm was stolen, had a bloody gash on his forehead. The windshield of the car was smashed, and the driver-side airbag was deployed. Witnesses said he told them he needed to leave the accident scene, but they weren’t comfortable driving him away. Moments later, he got into Bryon’s brown Toyota Avalon and took off, taking Bryon’s three startled children with him. “I’m going to pray for our city,” said Bryon, “because the young ones don’t have any guidance, and they need guidance.”

Neighbor Derick Taylor watched in disbelief as the suspect drove off with the children. He and Bryon hopped into his truck to go after him.

“The world we live in is just ridiculous now,” Taylor told Action News 5, “You can’t even offer help. It’s ridiculous,” said Taylor, “thankfully he dropped the children off up the street,” MPD said the car thief let the children out in front of a house in the 38-hundred block of Mary Lee, all three unharmed. They were quickly reunited with their frightened father.

“This has got to stop,” he said, “It could have been much worse. I’m just glad I got my babies.”

Both Bryon and Derick Taylor refuse to let what happened to them change their Good Samaritan ways.

“I hope the next time I help, the outcome will be a little bit better,” said Taylor, “But hey, you still got to offer help. Everyone needs help, and this is testimony to that.”

“You can’t help your heart. If your heart tells you to help somebody,” said Bryon, “you’re going to help somebody. God had me. So, I’ll leave it at that.” The driver of the blue pick-up truck hit by the white KIA is ok. His glasses broke in the impact, but he told Action News 5 that he has no significant injuries from the wreck.

If you know anything about this case, call Memphis Police at (901)528-CASH.

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