Peyton Manning themed saloon is fit for ‘The Sheriff’

Saloon 16 is part of the Graduate Hotel near the University of Tennessee campus.
Saloon 16 is part of the Graduate Hotel near the University of Tennessee campus.
Published: Oct. 13, 2022 at 2:31 PM EDT|Updated: Oct. 13, 2022 at 4:27 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - There are many places to wine and dine in Knoxville but there’s only one place fit for a sheriff.

Saloon 16 is connected to the Graduate Hotel near the University of Tennessee campus. The western saloon theme mixes hundreds of pieces of memorabilia from the Sheriff, Peyton Manning.

“We really saw a cool opportunity to play with the nickname ‘The Sheriff’ and create a unique space,” said Executive Chef, Calvin Winfrey. “One of my favorite things about here in particular is all the décor. It’s all one of one. There are some of Peyton’s old high school letters in here.”

They’ve been serving dinner for about two years. Now, they’re branching into Sunday morning brunch. From decadent fried chicken and waffles to a grilled flank steak and eggs to a lemon poppy sweet cream flapjack, each dish has its own twist.

“It’s a really cool opportunity for us to invite people and tell a story about what Knoxville is about what UT is,” said Winfrey.

The dinner menu is being revamped as well, but some of the classics like cheese bings (deep-fried cheese bites served with chipotle ranch and marinara) remain. “The old OCI it was an establishment in Knoxville for a long time. I believe it opened up in the 30′s and cheese bings were kind of their go-to item. So, it’s a really unique thing to Knoxville, that all students and alums love and we’re happy that we can kind of carry that torch. That was a special request from Peyton,” he said.

Most things you see on the menu have Peyton’s special touch. “It was really important to Peyton that he honored teammates, people at UT, and family that really helped and supported him during his time here. And he really thought that was a great way to show appreciation. So things like the chicken wings are named after a couple of offensive linemen... a lot of the menu was personal to him and very important that he wanted certain people,” said Winfrey.

“We want people to tell people that if it’s a game day, you have to come to the saloon. You got to come to the graduate, you got to have that experience. And that’s something we’re really proud that we’ve achieved in a short amount of time and we look forward to holding on to that and creating that for however many long years we get to be here,” he said.

They don’t make reservations on game day but recommend you get a reservation for brunch and dinner.