Vols suffer second setback of season after upset loss at South Carolina

Tennessee falls to 9-2 and out of College Football Playoff contention
Tennessee falls to 9-2 and out of College Football Playoff contention
Published: Nov. 19, 2022 at 6:34 PM EST|Updated: Nov. 20, 2022 at 7:00 AM EST
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Tennessee hoped to continue its winning ways this Saturday in an SEC east clash against South Carolina at a sold-out Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia. However, they fell to South Carolina, 63-38

“This one’s got to hurt. We have to feel this one on the way home,” head coach Josh Heupel said in a postgame conference.

A win would have locked up the first 10-win season for the Volunteers since 2007 and the program’s first season with 10 regular-season victories since 2003.

Here’s a play-by-play of the game.


S. Carolina took the opening possession of the game.

S. Carolina took seven plays to reach Tennessee’s 27-yard line. Spencer Rattle slid short of a first down. Next play Gamecocks took a false start penalty, bringing up 4th and 6 from Tennessee’s 32-yard line.

S. Carolina converted on a 4th and 6. The Gamecocks were then at TEN 19.

Scoring play: S. Carolina scored on its opening possession on a 19-yard catch and run to Jaheim Bell. 7-0 S. Carolina.

Scoring drive: 9 plays, 80 yards, 4:26 poss.

Hendon Hooker avoided a sack and scrambled for 29 yards, stopping at S. Carolina’s 31-yard line.

UT Scoring play: Hooker handed it off to Jabari Small for a 31-touchdown run. Game tied 7-7.

UT Scoring drive: 4 plays, 75 yards in 1:04 poss.

S. Carolina converted its second 4th downplay of the night. This time a 4th and 1 from their own 44-yard line.

Scoring play: Spencer Rattler dropped back and slung one downfield to Josh Vann for a 60-yard touchdown reception. Gamecocks lead 14-7.

Scoring drive: 4 plays, 10 yards, 2:39 poss.

Tennessee started its drive from S. Carolina’s 25-yard line.

Hendon Hooker connected with Bru McCoy for 8-yards tackled at TEN 40.

A holding penalty pushed UT back to the 30-yard line.

Hendon Hooker was sacked, bringing up a 3rd and 28.

Tennessee did not convert on 3rd down and goes 3 and out.

S. Carolina converted on 3rd and 5 on a six-yard pass.

After the 3rd down conversion, the next play Rattler dropped back and launched downfield to Jalen Brooks for a 36-yard reception to get the Gamecocks inside the red zone.

Scoring play: On 3rd and 5, Rattler dropped back and caught Juju McDowell on an island, breaking two tackles and diving into the end zone for and 11-yard TD reception. 21-7 SC.

Scoring drive: 6 plays, 53 yards, 2:39 poss.

End of quarter.


On 3rd down Jaylen Wright rushed for four yards for a first down, stopped at the SC 4.

Inside the 5-yard line on 3rd down, the pass is incomplete to Bru McCoy.

On 3rd down the pass is incomplete to Cedric Tillman, bringing up 4th and 3.

UT Scoring play: On 4th and 3, Hooker dropped back to pass and floated it to Cedric Tillman in the corner of the end zone. Touchdown Tennessee. 21-14 Gamecocks.

UT scoring drive: 14 plays, 63 yards, 3:51 poss.

Gamecocks marching downfield once again. A. Brown rushed to TEN 19 for 34 yards and was tackled by Jaylen McCollough at TEN 19-yard line.

Scoring play: SC on TEN 1-yard line and Dakereon Joyner ran it up the gut for a touchdown.

Scoring drive: 6 plays, 73 yards, 2:37 poss.

Tennessee on 3rd and 7, Hooker completed a pass to Cedric Tillman, but he was short of a first down.

Tennessee converted and 4th and 1 at midfield.

Vols take their first timeout of the game on 2nd and 10 at SC 49-yard line.

Vols got stuffed on 3rd and goal from the SC 8-yard line.

UT brought out the punt crew on 4th and 6 for a 27-yard attempt.

Tennessee brings up a 3rd and 11 try for the Gamecocks from their own 24-yard line.

UT scoring play: Chase McGrath drilled a 27-yard field goal. Gamecocks 28-17.

UT scoring drive: 11 plays, 51 yards, 3:37 poss.

A penalty by the Vols brought up an automatic first down for the Gamecocks.

With 3:30 left in the quarter, SC is 3-5 on 3rd down tries and 2-2 on 4th down tries.

SC converted for another 3rd down on 3rd and 6 via a Rattler scramble. 4-6 on 3rd down tries.

SC from TEN 45 on 2nd and 10, Rattler passed to Antwane Wells Jr. for a gain of 27 yards. Brandon Turnage pushed Wells out of bounds at TEN 18.

Scoring play: On 2nd and 10, Rattle passed to Josh Vann for an 18-yard touchdown reception. Gamecocks extended the lead 35-17.

Scoring drive: 9 plays, 75 yards, 2:54 poss.

0:56 left in the half, Hooker’s pass was complete to Jalin Hyatt for a gain of 14 yards, bringing UT to the SC 25.

0:26 left in the half, Hooker’s pass was completed to SC 15. A catch was made by Hyatt for a gain of 8 yards.

UT scoring play: Hooker to Bru McCoy for a 70-yard touchdown reception. Gamecocks still lead, 35-24.

McCoy scores his third touchdown of the season. He had one each against Pittsburgh and Florida.

UT scoring drive: 11 plays, 75 yards, 1:52 poss.

End of quarter.



Tennessee received the opening possession in the second half.

Tennessee completed one first down and then punted on the next series.

Vols forced a third and long situation for SC.

On 3rd and 11, Rattler escaped a sack and scrambled for a few yards but was short of a first down.

Vols forced South Carolina to punt for the first time this game.

Hendon Hooker connected with Ramel Keyton for a gain of 16 yards and a first down, bringing Tennessee to the SC 41.

UT scoring play: Hooker goes deep and finds Princeton Fant on an island. Fant takes care of the rest for a 41-yard UT touchdown reception. Gamecocks hold lead 35-31.

UT scoring drive: 6 plays, 74 yards, 1:01 poss. That was UT’s second scoring drive in under 10 plays.

South Carolina converted another 3rd down try, a 3rd and 6 catch and run.

Scoring play: Two plays later, Rattler handed it off to Antwane Wells Jr. for a 4-yard touchdown run. South Carolina extended its lead 42-31.

Scoring drive: 9 plays, 65 yards, 4:50 poss.

Vols was moving downfield and a 15-yard facemask penalty against the Gamecocks kept their drive alive.

Hendon Hooker’s pass deflected, bringing up 2nd and 10.

Hooker scrambled and threw the ball to Jabari Small. It was behind him, and Small bobbled it before it fell incomplete, bringing up 3rd and 10.

An offensive pass inference by Jacob Warren brought up 3rd and 25 from SC 47.

Hendon Hooker’s pass intended for Cedric Tillman is high and incomplete. Vols punt on 4th and 25.

South Carolina is 6-9 on 3rd conversions. Tennessee is 4-10 on such tries.n 3rd and 20 Rattler connects with a wide-open Wells Jr for a gain of 25 yards and for a first down. He’s brought down at the TEN 20 in the final play of the quarter.

End of quarter.


South Carolina took the knee with 30 seconds left in the game.

Although the Vols suffered a penalty, Tillman still catches the ball in the endzone, bringing the score up to 38-63.

Milton throws a huge 64-yard pass to White at the South Carolina 11.

Scoring drive: 9 plays, 87 yards, 5:13 poss.

Yet another touchdown for the South Carolina Gamecocks, bringing the score to 63-31.

Rattler is unstoppable with a 34-yard pass to Wells that moves the Gamecocks into Tennessee territory again.

The Gamecocks pick up the ball at South Carolina 31.

Sampson loses five yards at 4th and 1. They punt the ball over to the Gamecocks.

Milton gains 23 yards against Gamecocks’ defense, but his pass to Tillman falls incomplete.

Joe Milton in at quarterback for Tennessee. Hooker suffered a non-contact injury on his fumble and left the field. Hooker walked off under his own power.

Scoring play: A couple plays later, Rattler hands off to Joyner for a 3-yard touchdown run. SC 56 - UT 31.

Scoring drive: 4 plays, 17 yards, 2:02 poss.

This is the most points Tennessee has surrendered all season. They gave up 52 in a win over Alabama.

Hendon Hooker fumbles the ball, South Carolina recovers and takes over at the TEN 17.

Scoring play: Rattler connects with Jaheim Bell 2-yard receiving touchdown. SC ahead 49-31 to start the 4th quarter.

Scoring drive: 11 plays, 75 yards, 6:12 poss.