East Tennessee Ukrainian man helps create non-profit to send food, supplies to Ukraine

Restore Ukraine has sent hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to Ukrainians.
Restore Ukraine has sent hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to Ukrainians.
Published: Nov. 22, 2022 at 8:39 AM EST
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KNOXVILLE, Tn. (WVLT)- An East Tennessee man has helped create a non-profit to send food and supplies to his home country of Ukraine as the war wages on with Russia.

Yaro Hnatusko co-founded Restore Ukraine and currently serves as a student at East Tennessee State University. Hnatusko said they started the non-profit as a away to just ask for money, but took advantage of an opportunity to help his home country.

“I am not on the ground. I do not have a rifle in my hands and I am not on the front lines and I am not digging trenches, but I know with the things I have here helps so many people in Ukraine,” Hnatusko said.

Restore Ukraine has sent 600,000 pounds of food supplies to Ukraine and has plans to help rebuild homes and other facilities. Hnatusko said Restore Ukraine has 1.5 million pounds in building supplies in a warehouse overseas.

“People have nowhere else to go. Their homes are damaged. Their power infrastructure is damaged across the country, and there’s massive power outages. What else do they have to do? So they start losing hope, and that’s the most dangerous piece in their life,” Hnatusko said.

People in East Tennessee can help the non-profit. Hnatusko said they need to raise $4,000 to $6,000 to help with future projects. They’re also asking for warm clothing to send overseas to people who are living in cold climates. Information for the non-profit can be found here.