Roane State Community College responds to staff-wide email condemning LGBTQ+ club

An employee at Roane State Community College sent a staff-wide email condemning the school’s LGBTQ+ club Tuesday, RSCC officials said.
Roane State Community College
Roane State Community College(RSCC)
Published: Nov. 23, 2022 at 12:49 PM EST
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - An employee at Roane State Community College sent a staff-wide email condemning the school’s LGBTQ+ club Tuesday, WVLT has learned from a college representative. Roane State’s president, Dr. Chris Whaley, released a statement shortly after the email went out.

The original email was sent out by an employee and bashed the school for allowing the club on campus, claiming that it represented a specific “sexual/political organization/movement.” In the email, the employee, who was not identified by college officials, said allowing the Rainbow Raiders club was “beyond reproach.”

“Based on the allowance of the formation of such a club as the Rainbow Raiders, I think that I would like to facilitate the formation of a new club,” the email reads. “It will be meant as a support for the poor heterosexual males who are suffering indignation. I would like to call it Panty Raiders Club.”

The email went on to say that it is “a shame” that the school would allow the formation of a club based on sexual orientation. A specific issue the sender had was the fact that the Baptist Collegiate Ministry club holds gatherings off campus. Whaley said in his statement that the decision for the Baptist club to hold meetings off campus was made by the club itself, not the college.

“All registered student organizations at Roane State are established under the same policies and guidelines and with the same set of rights and privileges,” the statement read. “The Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) and the LGBT Club are both registered student organizations. BCM does meet on campus, especially those other than the main campus. It also meets off campus in its own building – a decision made by the club.”

The statement from Whaley also said that both clubs, and all clubs on campus, are held to the same standard as far as college policy. “The opinions expressed in this email are not representative of Roane State Community College and our values as an institution focused on transforming lives through higher education,” Whaley’s statement reads.

WVLT News has reached out to RSCC officials for further information, such as the employee’s standing with the college. Below are copies of both the original email and Whaley’s response.