Bearden High grad returns from fighting in Ukraine

Logan Moody is a former United States Marine and felt he had to do something when Russia invaded Ukraine.
A Bearden High Graduate and former Marine fought in the war in Ukraine.
Published: Mar. 15, 2023 at 6:11 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - A 2015 graduate of Bearden High School spent three months fighting on the front lines of the war in Ukraine.

Friday, Feb. 24, marked one year since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine started.

Logan Moody watched the invasion start from his home and felt he had to do something.

”I just remember when they were invaded and how it made me feel,” said Moody from his work in Denver.

The time he spent in the country wasn’t long, but it gave him an appreciation for the people fighting to save their livelihoods.

”You’re surrounded by so many bad things you can’t say it’s a great time but you’re surrounded by so many great people they really make it something special,” said Moody.

Moody experienced the culture of Ukraine while he was there.

Traveling sometimes by train he’d interact with the people he was fighting to protect, he often was appreciated for his willingness to fight.

”Every time they’d see you, they’d say, ‘Thank you so much for being here, thank you so much for helping us.’ They were usually at a loss for words but full of tears but very very grateful we were there,” said Moody.

As an American on the front lines, he wasn’t the only one.

He’d often run into other Americans fighting back the Russian invaders, even sharing a Thanksgiving meal with people from the states.

For Moody, it comes down to the difference between right and wrong.

”Honestly it comes down for me, it’s right or wrong, if you have the opportunity to do something and make a difference, and it’s the right thing to do and you don’t do anything at all, I feel like you’re part of the problem,” said Moody.

As the battle continues, Moody feels he accomplished what he set out to do.

”I went and did what I went to do, I think now it was a hard decision to leave, my place is history now and my boys got it,” said Moody.

But feels the fight is far from over and believes a Ukrainian victory is the only option.

”They will not stop, they will keep going and they’re not going to stop going, they’re going to keep going. They’re going to eventually try to come here or somewhere else that’s near and dear to us and if we don’t stop them now, we’re not going to stop them later,” said Moody.

As he continues to watch the battle from what seems like a world away, he encourages his fellow Americans to stay invested in the fight.

”If anybody can take anything away from this, please educate yourself on these people and why this fight is happening and you’ll see why they’re fighting so hard and why it’s so special to them,” said Moody. “They’re fighting for their freedom and independence but they’re fighting to get away from a very very bad thing.”