With millions on the verge of losing coverage here’s what TennCare officials say to do

As pandemic era Public Health Emergency ends, millions risk losing coverage.
Millions of Americans are at risk of losing Medicaid coverage.
Published: Mar. 20, 2023 at 7:30 PM EDT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - As the pandemic-created public health emergency comes to a close, millions of Americans could soon lose coverage.

The federal government is soon going to stop auto-enrolling Medicaid recipients.

The move could leave an estimated 18 million people without coverage.

TennCare is soon going to auto-enroll Tennesseans who qualify for Medicaid.

However, if they fail to do that, they will mail people renewal forms and suggest recipients do a number of things to make sure the process is smooth.

1. Verify your address with TennCare, so you do not miss important information from TennCare. You can update your contact information online from your TennCare Connect account or by calling 855-259-0701. If you don’t have a TennCare Connect account, you can create one here and link the account to your case.

You can also manage your communications preferences by opting in for text and email alerts.

2. (Beginning in April) Find your renewal date. Your renewal date is due once per year. Find your renewal date online from your TennCare Connect account or by calling 855-259-0701.

3. Open and respond to all mail from TennCare. You must complete all the steps by your renewal date, or your coverage will end. There are several ways to complete a renewal form:

Online at TennCare Connect. If you don’t have an account yet, you can set one up now!

Call TennCare Connect for free at 855-259-0701 to renew your coverage over the phone.

In person, you can visit the Department of Human Services (DHS) in your county to drop off your paper documents or use the kiosk to complete your renewal online. To find your county office, visit the DHS office locator.

Mail your completed and signed Renewal Packet to:

TennCare Connect P.O. Box 305240 Nashville, TN 37230-5240

Fax your completed and signed Renewal Packet to 855-315-0669. Be sure to keep the page that says your fax went through.

Connect to coverage. If you are no longer eligible for TennCare, it is important to quickly get other health insurance. Ask your employer if they offer health insurance or visit HealthCare.gov to find affordable health care coverage.

Losing Medicaid is a Qualifying Life Event, and allows people to sign up during a special enrollment period.

Officials with TennCare say the process will be over the course of a year and will start the first week of April.