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Executive Producer

Sarah Callahan is an Executive Producer at WVLT News and a native East Tennessean. Her first producing job in Knoxville came in 1994. A decade later, she switched gears to head marketing and communications for the Girl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachians, finally returning to news in 2016.

Her East Tennessee roots run deep. As a child, Sarah was spellbound by customers at her grandmothers country store. They grabbed a coke, took a seat, and started talking. The gifted Appalachian storytellers could spin even simple stories into great adventures. Inside the walls of the store, her neighbors shared both the saddest and most joyous news of their lives. High school football was serious business, and weather was never far from anyone's mind.

Sarah believes a newscast should be like a visit to the country store: tell people what they need to know, tell people what they want to know, and give them something to smile about.

She believes every person has a story if we listen- and it's our job to listen.

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