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Chief Photojournalist

Keith Smith is the Chief Photojournalist at WVLT News. He is passionate about using natural sound and enchanting video to enhance the storytelling process. Keith enjoys creating unique ways to give viewers new perspectives on stories. He also takes pleasure in teaching the craft to young photojournalists and reporters.

Before arriving in Knoxville, he spent three years at KFOL/KJUN in Houma, Louisiana as a news photographer and editor. While there, he covered devastating hurricanes that wreaked havoc on the area with wind damage and flooding.

Keith was born and raised in Houma, Louisiana. He attended Southeastern College of Technology and graduated with a degree in animation and graphic design.

Keith and his wife Pamela, and their two kids, Hayden and Addison, now call Tennessee home and they enjoy exploring the outdoors. Oftentimes, you'll find them hiking, camping and mountain biking across East Tennessee and Kentucky.

Keith invites you to see the wonders of the Volunteer State by following his Instagram account for beautiful images and videos of his outdoor adventures.

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