Marine veteran hitting longer drives for longer lives

Knoxville Open week activities continued Tuesday out at the Fox Den Country Club. Among those we encountered at the course is Marine veteran Jay Milinichick, who can hit the ball about as far as you can imagine. He's part of the Folds for Honor—Long Drive for Heroes group, it was founded about a year ago.

They travel around the country to events like those on the tour to raise awareness for PTSD. Their motto is longer drives, longer lives says Milinichick," I want to show people that there is life after service that there something bigger than you and what these guys out here are doing they may think they're out here just playing golf but being out here at the Pro-Am you're not just playing golf but you're helping companies and foundations like the folds of honor and a long drive for heroes you're helping people like me my son is going to grow up and I want him to know that I am doing my best to make a change."

Jay was out hitting with the teams during Pro-Am action at the Fox Den course, while spreading the message that there is something else out there for veterans and paramilitary.

It's been an incredible journey for jay who, for medical reasons, left the service in 2014. He's had some 23 surgeries and lost his both his wife and best friend to suicide.

But that's a big part of why he does what he does guys so those losses will not have been in vein and that those who continue to suffer post service will get the help they need.