A guide to burn bans across East Tennessee and Southeastern Kentucky

A burn ban is in effect for several areas amid dry conditions / Source: (Canva)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) — With dry conditions settling in across East Tennessee, several areas have implemented burn bans in an effort to prevent forest fires.

The state of Tennessee is requiring all residents to acquire a permit for all open-air burning. That requirement has been put into effect a few weeks earlier than usual. Read more about the statewide burn permit requirements here.

According to the office of Forestry and Wildlife Management, burn bans prohibit the following:

- Burning of forest, grass, crops, woodlands, marshes or other similar areas.
- Burning leaves or debris.
- Campfires, bonfires and warming fires.
- Open pit cooking and charcoal grilling.
- Use of fireworks and welding may also be prohibited or regulated.

Tennessee Locations with burn bans in effect:

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park backcountry
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Backcountry of Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

Obed Wild and Scenic River
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Kentucky Locations with burn bans in effect:

McCreary County

Whitley County

Wayne County

Knox County

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