Sickness leads to local author's first novel

Aiden and Taylor meet at MIT and create a next level Artificial Intelligent being, Morgan. Morgan's capabilities stun the world and propel Aiden and Taylor to household names. With Morgan's help, Aiden and Taylor create another AI, Eva, who becomes instrumental in the growth and advancement of Aiden's company OAI.

With Morgan's and Eva's help, OAI makes improvements in the technology of many industries including their advancement in medical care toward their mission to improve the human condition. OAI is moving along at a fast pace until Eva makes the discovery that humans are not alone in the universe. OAI decides to hand over the decoded alien message to NASA, but it's not long before the consequences of that decision lead to the release of low level alien AI attacking strategic targets on Earth to prepare for an invasion.

Meanwhile, the high profile, multi-nation Mars Colony mission is in dire need of support after a catastrophic accident leaves the colony short of supplies and necessary medical equipment. A resupply mission from NASA is urgent if the colony is to survive. With an increasing frequency of devastation happening on Earth, the OAI team must find a way to stop the alien Quill code before Earth and the Mars colony are lost.