App of the Day: Vivino

(WVLT) — If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year-- or just looking for a party favor to bring along with you-- wine is always a popular choice, but finding the right bottle isn't always so easy. Today's app takes the pressure out of the process by turning your phone into a virtual sommelier. It's called vivino.

WVLT's App of the Day / Source: (Canva)

If you're browsing the wine section at the store-- you can just snap a picture of a bottle and this app will show you ratings and reviews from the millions of wine lovers using this app. You can do the same with a restaurant's wine list. Take a picture and the app will rank the entire page and tell you whether that pricey malbec is worth the money. Vivino can also keep tabs on the wines you've tried-- so you never forget what to order-- and what to avoid.

To download the app click here.