Blessing on Bell Street

Join us as we light up Bell Street with Blessings full of fun, fellowship, and family. We will be giving away 2,000 Christmas gifts to all kids that attend. This event is FREE and open to the community.

Overcoming Believers Church is a witnessing and worshipping community of believers that is called, committed, ordained and established by God to build His Kingdom in the earth. We are overcoming the world by the renewing of our minds through teaching the Word of God. We are overthrowing the enemy by walking in the victory of the cross and the power of the Holy Spirit. We are overtaking the Kingdom by making disciples and evangelizing the world for Jesus Christ. We are overflowing with blessings by receiving the promises of God and living life more abundantly.

Overcoming Believers Church is a Spirit filled body of believers located in Knoxville,TN. Led by Senior Pastor Daryl W. Arnold and Lady Carmeisha Jenkins Arnold, OBC is a dynamic ministry wholly committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.