Breaking Barriers & Breaking Wood

Leif in Times Square when he broke the World Record in May 2017. Again, that record was for most boards broken in a 24-hour period … which ended up being 12,120. That breaks down to: 505 boards every hour … 8.4 boards every minute …. or 1 board every :07 seconds! The event was part of a fundraiser for enCourage Kids, which is a nonprofit that supports kids battling serious illnesses. Leif's record is on permanent display at the Ripley's Museum in NYC.

Before people have a chance to give up on their New Year's Resolutions, Leif is the perfect guest for your audience since he can offer proven strategies for getting past obstacles. His book "Breaking Barriers" has solutions for goal-setting, perseverance, dealing with setbacks – everything needed for growth and development so we aren't being our own worst enemies.

If you need some questions for Leif….

What are the biggest challenges people face when setting new goals?
What are some strategies for achieving new goals?
How important is it to surround yourself with a positive environment? I like what you say in your book about mentors, choosing positive words and the power of saying "No."
What advice do you have for people that may have already given up on those New Year's resolutions?
How should people deal with setbacks, as they try and reach goals?
For someone who has already accomplished so much, do you still find it challenging to stick to your goals?
You're fairly new to Knoxville, do you have a goal of getting to know our city better … or what's your New Year's Resolution? (There's a family picture attached. As I mentioned, Leif is married to one of the JTV hosts, Allyson Spellman, who's been on your show before. They have one child, a daughter.)
So much of your work is tied to helping kids and giving back … talk about why that works with the goals in your life.

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