New Local Children's Book about Anti-Bullying

Caridee: The Long-Leggedy Chickadee
Written and Illustrated by Bethany Stahl

Caridee: The Long-Leggedy Chickadee is an interactive picture book that uses simple language and images to show children, while we are all different, we should love what is different about each of us! Bethany Stahl calls upon the community for help funding this book for publication, by ordering or donating a copy!

Caridee: The Long-Leggedy Chickadee is a fun and vibrant children's book that parents and kids will love — teaching each other that while we may all look different, those differences should be loved and accepted. This book is interactive with a search-and-find game throughout the book with a lady-bug hidden on each page! Do you think you can find them all? This book encourages a call-to-action asking the children, what is special about themselves!

Bethany Stahl came to Knoxville, TN in 2015 with a lifelong love of stories, art, and inspiring children. She writes picture books hat discuss topics of tough emotions and dealing with acceptance of yourself, situations around you, and of others. Bethany is dedicated to filling Little Free Libraries around Knoxville with her books, so children have the chance at accessing literature that interests them! She is a seasoned artist and has her work spread across four continents. This is her second picture book, her first being published Summer of 2018.