Profiting from Asian Carp? UT economist proposes plan for invasive species

File photo: Asian Carp / Source: (TWRA)
File photo: Asian Carp / Source: (TWRA)(WVLT)
Published: Jan. 24, 2020 at 5:27 PM EST
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According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, the Asian Carp species that invaded the Mississippi River has moved aggressively into the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers.

The TWRA said the fish are devouring food sources that native fish need and devastating habitats.

The fish reproduce quickly and have no natural predators, so if there is no intervention, they will continue to spread. The agency also reported the fish jump out of the water when they hear loud sounds and there are reports that they have injured boaters and skiers.

Charles Sims, an economics professor at the University of Tennessee said fisherman could catch the fish and ship them overseas, or he suggests convincing people in the United States to eat the fish.

“Those are the two strategies-put up barriers or create market incentives,” said Sims.

You can learn more about the species

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