Tennessee Traveler: 100 years of the Radio Flyer

Published: Apr. 13, 2017 at 1:25 PM EDT
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For so many families, that Radio Flyer red wagon has become a part of our lives for many decades. It was born in 1917 and now includes everything from wagons to trikes to makeshift cars. Alan Williams didn't have to look very far to find stories behind this iconic toy.

Some are shiny, others about to fall apart, but each Radio Flyer red wagon has a history and a story.

Marty Parham's Radio Flyer was a gift to his son over 25 years ago.

"My wife used to lay a blanket in that wagon and lay David in the bottom of it and pull him up and down the road," Parham said.

"My kids had one, and this is actually our second one," Tania Monhollan said. She said when she was a child, she would tote her toys and stuffed animals around in the wagon. Now, the Radio Flyer's uses have evolved.

"Now, I use it for my garden," she said. "I haul dirt and mulch and rocks."

The Radio Flyer is not just a little red wagon; now, the website shows everything from trikes to hobby horses, scooters and even

"We got this when my son couldn't even walk yet, and we put him there with a lot of blankets and a juice box and would take him for walks around the neighborhood," Allen Koch said. "He remembers those because we did those walks until he was about 10. He's 21 now. For Halloween, we'd pile him up in there in his little Batman outfit."

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