11 days 'til football time in Tennessee

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Hey Vol fans the countdown continues. You all recognize this guy big offensive lineman Trey Smith, how you doing physically?

Man, I feel great, I’m doing everything I can in terms of preparation for the season in order to be successful.

Physical is one thing but mentally staying in it is another thing isn’t it?

Yeah being one of the older guys in the room I have to make sure the younger guys know what they are doing and know what I am doing.

I know you like getting out in the community and helping out folks in Knoxville, talk about that.

It’s so important to give back to the community. Knoxville has been great to me, always worrying about me and taking care of me so I want to give back to the community anytime I can.

Well, we are excited to hopefully see you back out there, tell the folks how many days.

There are just 11 days until its football time in Tennessee baby.