17 days 'til football time in Tennessee

Redshirt sophomore offensive lineman K’rojhn Calbert speaks with Rick Russo with just 17 days left until football time in Tennessee. / Source: (WVLT)
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The countdown rolls on and we are looking forward to the football season for your Tennessee Volunteers and so is this guy, redshirt sophomore offensive lineman K’rojhn Calbert.

You’re from Mcminnville, tell folks about that area.

Well, what I like to say is it’s the nursery capital of the world, so if you got a tree it likely came from there.

Are you a big tree guy?

No I like to play a game called Apex Legends and like to play with either bloodhound or Bangalor.

Ok well we learned something from this guy today -- tell the folks how many days are left.

There are 17 days until it’s football time in Tennessee, go Vols