19 days until football time in Tennessee

Published: Aug. 12, 2019 at 8:24 AM EDT
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Senior Nigel Warrior met with WVLT's Rick Russo as part of the 30 Days 30 Vols countdown.

Rick: "I know you're excited about this year."

Nigel: "Oh yeah most definitely."

Rick: "Now during your junior season, there was a moment that definitely stands out for me in South Carolina do you remember that?"

Nigel: "I remember going for the ball and wasn’t even thinking about it really."

Rick: "Well, no worries man it's all good. You got to keep your head on a swivel on the sideline, right?! Tell the folks how many days, there are 19 days left until football time in Tennessee.

Nigel: "Hey we got 19 days left until it's football time in Tennessee."

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