2 deer smash through Kentucky business, cause $5,000 in damage

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LONDON, Ky. (WYMT) — On Saturday, owners of Maple Leaf Furnishings said two deer ran into the business near downtown London.


That owner said there was an employee with her newborn in the store at the time the deer came in. We are told this was that employee's first day back at work, after being off for several weeks during her maternity leave.

"I liked peaked through the door and you could see the deer running across the store. And, then thankfully my dad came out and he got them out of the store. Um, they had done so much damage," said employee Kelly Smith. "There was blood everywhere. There was just, there was broken glass everywhere from the door. It was just, it was awful."

The store lost around $5,000 in retail from the damage the incident caused. The front door and an inside glass door were relatively the only damage to the actual building.

Nobody was injured, and the deer were chased out of the store by that employee's' father.

Eyewitnesses say they believe the deer were spooked by a barking dog or an animal. Those in the store at the time also say they did not notice any antlers on the deer.

"It's just so good that no one was in here besides us. It was very contained, um, so we're just happy about that. So, no one was hurt," Smiths said.

Unfortunately, the owners of the building found out the surveillance cameras were not working at the time.

We are checking with several surrounding businesses that also have camera footage, to see if they caught the incident on tape as well.

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