$200 beer to be available in Knoxville

Samuel Adams Utopias sells for $210. / Source: (Canva)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A beer worth a pretty penny is making its way to one Knoxville liquor store.

McScrooge's in Cedar Bluff announced their 2019 release of Samuel Adams Utopias for $210 is coming soon.

So, what does a $200 beer taste like? Sam Adams described it as, "reminiscent of a rich vintage Port, old Cognac, or fine Sherry with notes of dark fruit, subtle sweetness, and a deep rich malty smoothness.”

The brewer said the extremely barrel-aged beer is 28 percent alcohol by volume, which is too strong to be sold in 12 states, CBS Boston reported. The beer received a 100 on rating site RateBeer.

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