Who had a checkerboard end zone first: UT or Kentucky?

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Traditions are a major part of Tennessee football. From running though the 'T' to Smokey, and then, there are those orange and white squares that many call the checkerboard.

Coach Doug Dickey began the tradition in 1964 and was said to have been inspired by a magazine ad. The design can be found in subtler places on campus, such as at Ayers Hall.

UT fans claim the design as their own; however, but it's possible that the design didn't get its start with the Vols.

Kentucky lore claims that UT copied them instead of the other way around.

Kentucky's old field sported a checkerboard end zone, starting in 1930. That fact was lost to the history books until recently. Kentucky sports the design on their football and basketball uniforms. Perhaps that's to pay homage to their football past; others say it honors the famous triple-crown winner of 1973, Secretariat.

Whatever the reason, the checkerboard is just one aspect of the rivalry between UT and Kentucky.