Monopoly for Millennials: "Forget real estate. You can't afford it"

(WVLT) -- The famous game company Hasbro has debuted a new Monopoly set directed at one generation in particular: Millennials.

"Monopoly for Millennials' reportedly centers around the "often-mocked" generation of people born between 1981 to 1996, according to WHNT.

The cover of the box features the tagline "Forget real estate. You can't afford it anyway" with Rich Uncle Pennybags enjoying a cup of coffee and wearing a participation medal with earbuds. Instead of collecting money as the players tour the board, players will get experiences. The experiences allegedly include "Parents' Basement," "Thrift Shop" and "Farmer's Market."

The game, priced at $19.82 on Walmart's website, is listed as out of stock.

It is getting mixed reactions on Twitter.