50 years, 50 acts of kindness: Tate's students give clothes to kids in need

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Students at Tate's School are gathering articles of new clothing to give to kids in need as part of more than 50 acts of service that students and staff are performing to celebrate the school's 50th anniversary.

Students at Tate's School are learning citizenship through a service program that stocks a new Children's Closet for other children in need.

Their lesson included a short classroom time with Resource Linkage/Volunteer Coordinator Carren Broadnax of the Department of Children's Services. Broadnax explained that when families have urgent situations and children need help, sometimes they have only the clothes on their backs. "Some of them may come in and not have shoe or they may not have socks. And so sometimes we have to immediately dress children. It just depends on the need."

Broadnax said she's grateful that Tate's students expanded their giving program to include new clothing for 2019. In past years, they had done clothing drives around the holidays.

The students seem to be getting the message, as they help sort and fold clothing in various sizes.

Mollie is 6 years old, and explained why she wanted to help, "Some parents have an emergency and they have to ask for clothes where they go."

Benjamin is 10, and admitted he needs to be more respectful of all the clothes has at home. He likes helping other kids. "It makes me feel good because sometimes I don't put my clothes away when my mom tells me to. When I should. And some kids only have one pair of clothes to clean up."

This project is part of more than 50 acts of service to celebrate the school's 50th anniversary.

Tracey Van Hook is Executive Director of the Tate School Foundation.
She said, "We want our students to absolutely give back all year long. It also builds teamwork and they get to collaborate and be an active part of giving back to the community." Van Hook said extra help with clothing drive came from The Lantry Family Foundation, JoeShirt, 4lmprint, Alumni Hall and the Tate's alumni community.