Casada asked former aide if women were legal in new texts

A special investigation from NewsChannel 5 revealed the possibility that the Tennessee House Speaker's office tried to frame a young activist who challenged Republican lawmakers during this year's legislative session./ Source WTVF

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A text message between House Speaker Glen Casada and former top aide Cade Cothren adds to the controversy surrounding Casada and Cothren, according to Nashville affiliate WTVF.

The text exchange happened on August 21, 2016. WTVF reported that Cothren, then the press secretary for the Tennessee House Republican Caucus, sent Casada, the then caucus chairman, a video of two women dancing in his apartment.

"R they 21?" Casada reportedly asked.

"It only takes 18," Cothren said and added an emoji.

"Lol!!! And true!" Casada replied.

WTVF reported that Casada insisted he has no plans to resign from his position. Read the full report by WTVF here.