Is Knoxville a top summer travel destination?

Knoxville skyline/ (WVLT)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn, (WVLT) -- Looking for something to do this summer? Travel is always an option, and, if you're not sure where to go, WalletHub published a list of this year's best summer travel destinations.

But where does Knoxville fall on the list?

Well, according to the data, Knoxville ranks 28 on a list of 100 top cities. Not too shabby for the so-called "Scruffy City!" Nashville got in the top ten at number 9, while Memphis was 35 and Chattanooga was 39.

However, the list does say that Memphis is among the least safe of the destinations at 99. Albuquerque is the least safe, according to the data.

The top travel destination, according to the list, is Orlando, and the last city on the list is Thousand Oaks in California. Get the full list here.

Source: WalletHub