Community remembers Gibbs High School student

KNOXVILLE. Tenn. (WVLT) - Mystery still surrounds the death of Zach Munday, 15, but his family and friends didn't focus on that Monday. Instead, they just honored his life.

Gibbs High School student

"It's everyday someone comes in the barbershop and they mention him. Even people who didn't know him are devastated, but I think that smile catches everybody," said Jerry Daugherty, the owner of Jerry's Barbershop, about the former Gibbs High School student.

Zach went to Jerry's Barbershop often and had close bonds there.

"It's just sad that a young man's life was cut short," Daugherty said.

The teenager unexpectedly died after spending days in a coma.

Many poured love in their own way. One family friend covered funeral costs with the community's help. Nikki Steil North started a
GoFundMe and a Facebook page fundraiser online. The community raised more than $22,000 in five days.

"They deserve this, this is a tragedy that's happen to them and they weren't expecting this to happen. So, anything that's going to make things a little better for them, I'm willing to help them out," Steil North said.

The high school offered counseling for mourning students Friday, and others took the time to stop and celebrate Zach.

"We want to be up there to support the family and friends. We just wouldn't miss it (the funeral) for the world,"

An autopsy is still pending for Zach.

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