Drunk, sleepIng, road rage? What people do behind the wheel

(WOIO) -- On the heels of the “100 deadliest driving days,” the online driving school, DriversEd.com, released survey numbers showing what dangerous driving behaviors people are willing to admit they’ve done.

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“The good news is that a fairly high percentage, 91%, of Americans say they always wear a seatbelt,” said Laura Adams, safety and education analyst at DriversEd.com.

The bad news is all of the other driving no-nos people admitted to:

- Drowsy Driving: 71% admit they have driven while drowsy, while 20% admit they have fallen asleep.

- Speeding: 89% admit they have driven above the speed limit.

- Road Rage: 40% admit they have had road rage.

- Stop Signs: 58% admit they have gone through a stop sign without entirely stopping.

- Red Lights: 47% admit they have run a red light.

- Changing Tires: 62% admit they have waited longer than they should have to change their tires.

- Distracted Driving: 31% admit they check their phone more often than they should while driving.

- Drunk Driving: 24% admit they have driven while drunk.
(These numbers are the result of an online survey of 1,047 people)

“One of the most alarming figures we found is that one in every five U.S. drivers admits to falling asleep at the wheel,” said Adams.

“The solution in most cases is simply getting proper sleep and always being aware of the medications you’re taking, how they interact and their potential side effects.”

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