'They don't have common sense:' Man accused of selling stolen goods on Facebook

Dougherty County Police said they're on the hunt for stolen items after a Lee County man was arrested Wednesday, for a huge burglary scheme (Source: WALB)

LEE COUNTY, Ga. (WALB) -- A multi-county burglary scheme has many people outraged after Georgia police said a criminal sold stolen items on Facebook.

Dougherty County Police recently went into a home where they arrested a suspect. But they said the amount of items found at that home was unbelievable.

Now, they’re trying to retrieve all stolen items and identify more victims.

A home on Muckalee Creek Road in Lee County may be quiet now, but just days ago, police raided it and said almost everything in it was stolen property.

“You’ve got to be an idiot to go on Facebook and sell stolen goods, knowing good and well the cops are out there looking,” said Terri Smith, a concerned resident.

Smith was outraged after Dougherty County Police arrested Randall Summerlin Jr. last week after they said he burglarized a number of properties, using the stolen goods to furnish his home.

They said he even sold some on social media.

“It started at the beginning of April, all the way to April 27, that he was placing the victims’ items on Albany-Leesburg Facebook Swap Shop,” said David Flick, a detective with the Dougherty County Police Department.

Just to name a few, we’re talking big ticket items like vehicles, dishwashers, stoves and even someone’s staircases.

“A CD player jukebox, an arcade style dartboard,” said Flick.

Dougherty County Police said Summerlin’s scheme was easily tracked as he left his name and phone number on Facebook for buyers.

“Common sense tells you not to do that, but burglars and robbers, they don’t have common sense,” said Smith.

One woman, who didn’t want to be identified, said this odd burglary scam gives sellers like her a bad wrap.

“It gives people like my husband and I that sell local produce stuff a bad name because people don’t know if it’s legit,” said a business owner.

And because of the stolen items found at Summerlin’s home and a mobile home behind it, Smith said shopping on Facebook will never be her thing.

“Stupid for stealing it and stupid for trying to sell it on Facebook. That’s just people now-a-days,” Smith said.

Police have identified four victims in Dougherty, Lee, Worth and Terrell counties. and they’re looking for more suspects as well.

Police are also looking for more suspects and we’re told they could be at large in surrounding counties and other states.

How to protect yourself from burglary

Law enforcement officers are warning all property owners to keep an eye on your items at all times as more thieves are on the loose.

Dougherty County Police said crooks look to steal items from people who don’t visit their properties for long periods of time.

Investigators said it’s important to make regular visits at all rental properties, storage units and more, weekly.

“If you’ve got a storage unit, it’s a good rule of thumb to go and visit it to make sure that it hasn’t been broken into or that you’re not missing anything,” said Flick.

If you’ve been a victim in the recent burglary scheme or have any information, you’re encouraged to call the Albany-Area CrimeSTOPPERS at (229) 436-TIPS.

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