Money vanishes after coal miners cash checks from bankrupt Ky coal mine

Source: WYMT

(WYMT/WVLT) -- Kentucky employees at coal mines owned by BlackJewel LLC said checks they cashed at the end of June were withdrawn from their accounts.

According to WYMT, workers in Harlan County mines owned by the company found that the money vanished the following Wednesday and reached out to the local news to report it.

Maegan Thacker, a mother of three kids, said her husband works as a second-shift electrician at the Darby Fork mine. After hearing what happened to other miners, she kept a close eye on her account.

"So about one o'clock my husband checked our bank account and it had happened. Three thousand in the hole. I mean, to be three thousand in the hole? I mean what are we supposed to do? How are we supposed to pay our mortgage? How are we supposed to put food on the table? I mean, we don't know what we're gonna do," said Thacker.

WYMT reported that since the company filed for bankruptcy the checks couldn't be cashed, and that's why funds were withdrawn from workers' accounts.

WYMT reported that a federal judge approved a $5 million lifeline to help the company navigate bankruptcy under the condition that its CEO, Jeff Hoops, resigned.

Hoops said when the company filed for bankruptcy, there wasn't enough money to operate or pay employee's salaries.

On Sunday, WYMT reported that the Kentucky miners will not be reimbursed until the company can resume its normal operations.

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