Storms cause problems for Campbell County gas station

Storms cause problems for Campbell Co. gas station / Source: WVLT News

CAMPBELL County, Tenn. (WVLT) -- "I've never seen it that bad before, never. Even my customers, they were born here, they've never seen anything like it," said P-K Patel.

Patel owns a gas station in Campbell County and was surveying the damage after storms hit the area on July 11.

He said he saw "completely muddy water with rocks" that "kept coming," on Thursday afternoon, but it wasn't until the water slowed that Patel said he noticed the real issue.

Patel said his gas storage tanks were covered with inches of rock and mud, preventing trucks from loading fresh gas.

"I can't get gas until they clean it up completely. So, [we're] without gas on the weekend, and I can't do business without gas."

Patel said he has only about 5,000 gallons of gas left, and plans to stay open as long as he can.

"If I can't fix this business by tomorrow, if someone can't fix this by tomorrow, I'm done for this weekend. I can't do business," he said.

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