NC kids raise thousands to fix potholes on neighborhood street

This group of cousins raised nearly $2,000 from their lemonade stand to raise the money needed to repair potholes on road. (Source: Christina)

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) -- A group of kids in the Mott Creek Neighborhood of Wilmington raised nearly $2,000 from a lemonade stand in order to fix the pothole problem in their neighborhood.

In just two days, five cousins raised $1,957 to repair the potholes at the corner of Highgrove Place and Mallard Crossing Drive.

Since the two roads are considered private, the county would not fix the potholes.

The big holes in the road make driving difficult, especially during rush hour when the intersection is used as a cut through. They also make it hard for the kids who live there to ride their bikes.

The kids set up early and dodged rain Aug. 2-3 to sell lemonade and candy to anyone passing by.

Many neighbors contributed significant amounts of money to help with the problem, as did drivers who frequently use the road as a cut-through.

The kids reached their fundraising goal by 6 p.m. Saturday.

Their parents are now working with a paving company to have the street repaired as soon as possible.

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